About Us

Have you seen the Andes Mountains? Let’s just say they’re not your average neighborhood hill. Big? Check. Majestic? Check. Will literally take your breath away due to the minimal levels of oxygen? Check. A hill is fine; it makes the landscape less dull. But the Andes? Beyond next level. Ultimate level? Yep! 

The Muñoz family, born and raised in the Andes, partnered with master artisans to blend Andes magic with centuries-old weaving traditions and a special touch of awesomeness. And then? BAM! Off the Grid was born. You’re welcome. 

Whether you prefer to get your dose of Andes magic in the form of a cozy Ecuadorian blanket or a stylish artisanal bottle carrier, you’ll be able to experience the magic of the Andes from the comfort of your home, tent, or cabin.

And guess what? While you enjoy your very own slice of Andes magic, you can rest easy knowing that Off the Grid is helping to stimulate the local Andean economy by partnering with local Andean businesses, while also contributing a portion of our proceeds to local Andean aid organizations that help to feed children in need.

Don’t settle for neighborhood hills. Go full Andes and live Off the Grid!